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The Boys of Blackrock

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The Boys of Blackrock (Song)  

I met an old hurler now sixty and six,

Who played centre forward and under the sticks,

He played with the Islands, the Redmonds and Barrs,

He had medals to prove it with old battle scars,

He could play don’t forget although an old crock,

But the best men he met were the boys from Blackrock

I asked his opinion what had he to say,

Of the men of the past and the boys of today,

He answered me with a gleam in his eye,

Can you equal the men of the days that’s gone by,

For the men of today are just chips off the block,

Of the men that won credit for Cork and Blackrock.

If you wanted a hurler you’d find him for sure,

Ballinlough, Ballintemple and around Ballinure,

I don’t care what you say but give me the old stock,

And stand up and hurl with the boys of Blackrock.

Can you equal the Coughlans, the Ahernes, the Sheas,

Scannel, Cremin, Curtis and match Stephen Hayes,

I can mention their names from the round of the clock,

The men that won credit for Cork and Blackrock.

‘Twas the Rockies taught Ireland what hurling was then,

With science and skill they proved they were men,

Against prejudice they stood many a hard knock,

The boys that won credit for Cork and Blackrock.

Now all you young hurlers take pattern by me,

And don’t waste your time by the banks of the Lee,

Just come down to Beaumont and meet the old stock,

And we’ll learn to hurl with the boys of Blackrock

Unknown Author

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