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Ned Cotter - G.A.A. Administrator

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Blackrock Online People of Distinction:  Sports Category: G.A.A. Hurling - NED COTTER of Blackrock

Ned's Administrative Fame Will Live On In The Glorious Memories of Blackrock Gaels

If you were lucky enough to know Ned Cotter and you had applied for a house phone in the 1960’s/70’s, the average waiting time for installation was 2/3 years, and a visit to Ned over in Posts & Telegraphs in Copley Street was on the cards. Ned didn’t pull any strokes but he ensured that the installation would be completed as promptly as the system permitted.

However our subject here at Blackrock Online is the historic contribution of Ned Cotter of Blackrock National Hurling Club as a Champion Community Volunteer and of course Ned was amongst the frontrunners when we concepted “Blackrock Online People Of Distinction”.

The credits attributed to Ned are many and varied but his status as a Blackrock legend has been achieved off the field of play and every club needs a Ned Cotter.

A lifetime of administrative service by Ned is well documented around Blackrock’s shores but now in our compilation and profile of the famous Blackrock man, Blackrock Online will place Ned’s Tribute/Profile Online for current and future generations.

For thirty five years Ned Cotter saw only Green/Gold as his pride and joy and the legacy he left behind includes an astonishing thirty years as chairman which came to conclusion in 1982. As club secretary Ned offered up another glorious nine years in an era when the club, like many other Cork clubs, were pioneering their facilities for their army of players and clubhouses were not on the agenda at that time. The era served by Ned as secretary was in the 1930’s.

Surprisingly the Rockies hit very lean spells for a club renowned for its status in Cork, as a giant of the game of hurling. In 1952 Blackrock had no field to call their own, a facility so important for organisation and team performances, let alone winning senior hurling titles in mighty Cork hurling circles.

After intensive negotiations, finally in the Autumn of 1955, Ned lived the dream of all Blackrock gaels when he fronted the drive to finally acquire their own piece of land, a place to call ‘Home Of the Rockies’.

The success of the purchase offered a new sense of belief to one and all who had a passion for Blackrock hurling and it lifted all ships that spiralled down to the senior hurlers, who in 1956 claimed the Seán Og Murpht blue ribbon of Cork hurling supremacy. This success was mighty long overdue and it was celebrated in the old fishing village like never before.

Ned Cotter wasn’t on the field of play but the credits for the 1956 title win were not spared and Ned was the recipient of so much appreciation for the inspiration he provided. Church Road as we know it today, is a haven of sporting excellence but it is now also a community stronghold serving a very wide area on the south east shores of Cork city.

The modern facilities now available at Church Road in the 21st century to players and members may well be taken for granted by many, whilst many more espousing their allegiance to the Rockies, need an Online introduction to the great Ned Cotter. When the Rockies appeared at G.A.A.venues all over Cork and Ireland, one of the first mentors through the gates was Ned. He was instantly recognised as the ‘Proud Face’ of the Rockies.

A historic Blackrock gael of immense vision and courage is a truly outstanding induction for our Blackrock Online People Of Distinction. The baton that Ned held with dignity and glorious achievements for four decades, has been well guarded by his successors.

Cork G.A.A. County Board also elevated the famous Blackrock gael to the privileged high status of President Of the Board.

Meantime Blackrock National Hurling Club is again striving for major honours in Cork hurling and with a stream of raw senior talent emerging, Ned Cotter from upon high in the heavens is spiritually guiding his beloved Rockies.

Please Note! Picture of Ned upcoming as soon as possible.

Yours In Sport,

Derry JF Doody

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