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Gerry Collins.. Avondale United

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Gerry Collins of Avondale United

The football career of Gerry Collins started out with Avondale Schoolboys teams and Gerry holds the proud distinction of playing on the very first ever Dale Schoolboys team in season 1974/75.

As an upcoming player with great potential, Avondale handed Gerry the honour of becoming one of the youngest ever players at sixteen to play in the prestigious F.A.I. Intermediate Cup. The club majestically claimed this much sought after title in season 1977/78, when at St. Colman’s Park, Cobh, home of the local Ramblers, Avondale United made their own history by defeating A.I.B. Dublin 3 – 1. This was the Dales first year competing in this competition and the entire team are worthy of due recognition for such a magnificent achievement.

In follow on achievements, Gerry Collins also won Keane and Keller Cup medals and also captained the clubs first ever Munster Senior Premier League winning team in 1987/88. He also played on the Cork A.U.L. Youth and Munster Senior League Representative teams.

After leaving the rich pastures of Avondale United, Gerry Collins took his talents to Tramore Athletic and duly won Munster Senior League and Beamish Cup medals. In further family connections wit the Dale, Gery’s brothers Derek and Noel, also wore the Sky Blue of Avondale at junior and senior levels, whilst the chairman of the Collin’s household, Denis Collins, dad to Gerry and his brothers, served the southside club on committees for a number of years.

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