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TOM MULLANE of AVONDALE UNITED…Club Officer of Great Distinction

In 1972 at the inaugural meeting of the Avondale United Football Club, present at that historic event was TOM MULLANE, who in the intervening 49 years has been an ever present influential club player and club officer.

Distinguished Loyalty and Longevity

From that historic first ever gathering of Avondale, success after success flowed at national and local levels in domestic soccer and persistently present all through the decades was TOM MULLANE, who has served his club with pride and honour.

From 1972 up to present times he has been one of the most enduring and engaging personalities in Cork soccer since the club foundation. Tom also holds the proud distinction of lining out in the clubs first ever match V Fermoy in the A.U.L. Saxone Cup. This milestone was on Sunday 26th August 1972.

The historic first ever club match against a much more experienced team, was a losing encounter by 5 – 2 and in recalling that famous occasion, Blackrock hurlers of the calibre of Eamonn O’Donoughue, Timmy Murphy and Andy Creagh, wore the sky blue jersey. Of further historic significance also was Tom’s role as the clubs first ever delegate to the Cork A.U.L. Board.

Recognition and Appreciation at County and National Levels.

Recalling Tom’s outstanding services to Avondale United, he took on the role of club chairman in 1973/74; 1974/75; 1978/79; 1980/81 and 1984/85. In further officership contributions, the ever present club officer acted as Hon. Treasurer in 1975/76; 1976/77 and 1977/78.

The very important club administration portfolio of Secretary was occupied by Tom from 1985 to 2018, a 33 year term of great importance in all clubs. Further engagement came as manager of the Schoolboys Under 16 team in 1975/76. Other roles included managing the Youth Team in 1980/81; 1981/82 and 1982/83.

Other notable contributions include compiling sports articles for club match programmes and he was the pioneering leader of the clubs 21 years special anniversary publication in 1993. That milestone publication was entitled ’21 YEARS A GROWING’.

Club loyalty in soccer is now not as prominent as in former decades and as commendations are celebrated, the lifetime dedication of TOM MULLANE to AVONDALE UNITED is a shining example of one mans outstanding longevity of service to his local club.

Tribute and Nomination by Michael Casey

Editorial Comment:

Acting for Avondale United in so many voluntary key positions over many decades is evidence that TOM MULLANE is worthy of permanent Recognition and Appreciation as a Champion Club Volunteer at CORK HALL of Fame.

BLACKROCK ONLINE is pleased to share in the CORK HALL of Fame honour credited to the Avondale United clubman.

Derry JF Doody


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